Brittney + Wendy

Banff National Park is absolutely chock full of one insane view after another. We flew into Calgary, rented a car, and hit the road. One of the risks of traveling through beautiful places as a photographer is that you make very slow progress. We stopped over and over again to grab a camera and run out onto the road and grab some shots.

The actual reason we were there wasn’t to make terrible time traveling through the mountains and annoy other drivers. It was because Brittney contacted us about her surprise proposal to Wendy earlier in the summer, asking us if we’d join them in Banff at Lake Louise for sunrise. We couldn’t say yes fast enough. Brittney took so much care in surprising Wendy and managed to pull it off so seamlessly! Plus Lake Louise at sunrise in late September was virtually empty, which was so cool because you so rarely get an iconic spot all to yourself! We bundled up, pretended to be tourists, captured Brittney proposing and then went off exploring the area together! You can read more from Brittney’s perspective here!

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