An engagement photo of a couple walking out of the ocean with their clothing wet. They are laughing and holding hands.


Zach Davis

In college I went to Argentina for half a year, equipped with the cheapest camera K-mart (do they still exist?) had to offer. I spent far more time taking photos than studying and returned home with a new passion and a disappointingly lack of improvement to my Spanish.

Fast forward a dozen years, I’ve been so crazy lucky to document hundreds of amazing couples, see some of the most beautiful places in the world, and create hundreds of thousands of photos that will be cherished for years and years to come.

I eat too much pizza and start too many books. I’m a terrible surfer and aspiring ukulele player. And I strongly believe in love and believe that it’s meant to be shared and celebrated.

I never cry at weddings.
I’ll get down on the dance floor.
I’m not afraid to get dirty.
I’m absolutely in it with you.

wedding and elopement Stories documented
images delivered to my amazing couples
slices of cake consumed



A bride looking lovingly at her groom on a foggy day in Mt Rainier National Park

My goal with every photo session is to make you feel comfortable. This allows you to think less about the camera and simply be yourself and enjoy the process. This always results in more natural photos that feel authentic to you.


A man and woman standing in the ocean and embracing underneath a bridge on the Maine coastline

Light and location are extremely important to me. I absolutely love shooting in nature, from mountains to oceans to woods. Over many years, I’ve developed an eye for finding light that will make your photos really shine.


A groom holding hands with his bride as the walk along a cliffeside in Acadia National Park in Maine

Movement plays a large role in my photos. Rather than a ton of stiff poses, I’ll encourage you to walk together on a log, wade into the water, dance in the flowers, etc. We’ll have fun and laugh and the photos will show that.


A photo of me and my wife Jodi embracing on our wedding day in Scotland

I grew up rock climbing often. We took countless family vacations to go climbing down in the Badlands.

A photo of me running down a wet trail on an overcast day

I’m a life long runner. At least, I’m trying to be. Currently training for a fall marathon.

A surfer catching a wave on the Washington coastline

During the covid lockdown, I started surfing. Well at the very least I float around in the water with a surfboard and try to get up.

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