Daniela and Seth

The motto of their wedding: COVID can’t get in the way of the perfect day…

Daniela and Seth’s wedding was originally planned for May of 2020 but we all know about 2020… and then it was rescheduled so many times we actually lost count. What first started out as a plan for an intimate ceremony in Yosemite, took twists and turns, and eventually became an absolutely perfect elopement in Olympic National Park. Daniela wanted epic views for their wedding and honestly I think the way it turned out was just as perfect as they had originally hoped – saying vows and exchanging rings on top of Hurricane Ridge before eating pizza barefoot on the beach at Rialto.

Daniela and Seth got married last year when they realized COVID was going to make them change their original plans, but they didn’t want to miss out on celebrating their marriage in a big way. So we all flew out to Olympic National Park as they started a giant road trip down the Pacific Coast to do some hiking in fancy clothes and spend some time celebrating their commitment. Marriage is a big deal and these two have been through some serious ups and downs together so a hike up to Hurricane Ridge in all its wildness felt perfect. Daniela hiked in the heat uphill in her dress the entire time and having some hikers congratulate them and stand impressed at the sight of her in her wedding dress was so much fun to see. She’s a badass. In fact, they both are. Seth had recently sprained his ankle and made it up without a single complaint. (Not that we recommend hiking if you’re injured but these two wanted the views and Seth had a brace and solid hiking shoes. Listen to your body.) At the top their vows and ring exchanges were witnessed by some local deer.

After the hike, we hopped back in the cars and drove down to Rialto Beach. It was misty, and as surfers attempted to catch waves, we dipped our toes in the water and ended the night with pizza and beer that we picked up along the way in Forks. Honestly, these kinds of weddings are so special to us. When people forgo tradition to make sure they have a day that includes all of their favorite things, it reminds us that weddings can truly be whatever you want them to be. Do you. Get weird. Have fun.

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