Stasha + Mike

These two. This night. Nothing is more romantic than Brooklyn on a Thursday night. Especially with two people who love each other so well.

I think we had that movie moment with Stasha and Mike as soon as we showed up to their Brooklyn loft and they poured us a glass of wine. We talked about New York and travel and work and wedding planning, and the thing that sold us immediately on their love was how it fit them. It was butter on toast. They snuck glances at each other and finished each others’ stories. They shared smiles and kisses.

We started out in their apartment and then wandered up to the roof. We walked through Greenpoint, stopping at colorful walls and on fun street corners. Let’s talk about Greenpoint. Greenpoint is now a top two for Brooklyn neighborhoods. Views, less busy than Williamsburg, more neighborhood-y, a place with street art and fun restaurants that you can still get a table at for dinner.

All night, we let the wind sail us down alleys and onto basketball courts. We played. And then we ended the adventure at the foggiest blue hour on the water. It was the perfect double date. Especially because it concluded things with a delicious dinner at 21 Greenpoint, the coziest spot where the cocktails were strong.

The beauty of engagement sessions is meeting two people at this wonderfully unique time in their lives. There’s a giddiness but also a “hurry up and let’s be married” feeling in the air that we like to slow down. Our goal is to remind each couple that this time is so short in the grand scheme of everything and it’s special. The tension, the almost but not yet, the wow we are taking a huge leap of faith in deciding to commit to this other person, it’s all surreal and meaningful.

We spend so much of our lives analyzing the past or preparing for the future but this moment, the wandering the streets on foggy evenings in March in the city you love with your person is what it’s all about. That’s what we’re celebrating.

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