Mt Rainier

Nothing is cozier than an A-Frame nestled in the mountains of Washington. Evergreen hillsides slope down to rivers hugged by rocky almost beaches. It’s the perfect place to settle in for a long weekend. Especially if you’re planning to elope at Mount Rainier.

Chelsea and Cody are from Hawaii so a beach wedding didn’t really fit the adventure they were hoping to have on their wedding day. But the moody PNW?! That was exactly the vibe they wanted. So they rented this A Frame near Mount Rainier and we joined them for some engagement photos before they said “We do”. There’s just something about being able to meet up and take photos of a couple before the actual wedding – elopement or party – that helps us feel connected to them and their love. We get to see them interact, we get to find out if they’re quieter or constantly cracking jokes. And seeing love lived is a highlight of this thing we call work.

If you’re looking for something moody and mountainous we’d love to show you around Mount Rainier. There are places both inside and surrounding the park that are a little less crowded with epic views.

Chelsea and Cody!

Oh goodness, these two are our Panda Express soulmates. They’re adventurous but also love a good night at home. Chelsea is a hair and makeup artist (if you can’t immediately tell by her immaculate hair and makeup in the photos) and Cody is a bar manager so he gave us some tips on cocktail making which got Zach’s attention right away.

We got cozy in the A-Frame and then explored the area around it during golden hour the day before they said their vows. It was amazing to see their closeness and ease with one another. Little glances at one another told us so much more than any words. Their love is deep but also comfortable. They can open each other up with just a look.

Just around the river bend was 100% playing in my head as we followed the river around to reveal even more glowy light and fun spots for them to cuddle.

And Now The Photos

Reliving photos through blog posts is always one of our favorite ways to reminisce. The good kind of nostalgia…

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