Dara + Andy

Dara and Andy are part dog dads, part hippies, and totally amazing. They’re kind, brilliant, funny, and adventurous. They’re the people we never get sick of even though we didn’t meet until a few months before this shoot.

And this whole evening was perfect. They brought a truck that we all piled into before heading up a rocky 4×4 road. They brought whiskey and their pup Cricket. They brought smiles and stories. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

We got to the sand dunes as the sun was setting and spent the last of the light available romping around the sand, goofing off, exploring til we couldn’t see in front of our faces. We felt like kids, wild and free. Dara and Andy’s love is like sinking into the comfiest blanket by a wood burning fire. It’s easy, and fun, and confident. We are beyond thankful they trusted us to document it for an evening in the dunes.

If we’re being honest, it was a really great reminder to go with the flow. We got to the dunes a little later that we intended and it was a bit darker than we’d hoped but we hiked on nonetheless and taking photos as the light got lower and lower was pure magic.

Blue hour is quickly becoming our favorite hour.

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