We freaking love engagement shoots. An engagement photoshoot is a rad opportunity to capture the love and excitement of this milestone in your life while also giving you an opportunity to get comfortable in front of a camera. You can really get a sense of what it feels like to be photographed by a specific photographer and if it’s us that means you also get to start making some new friends! We can’t tell you how many engagement shoots end up with us grabbing pizza or a beer or heading to a fun spot on the beach to chill and hang out longer with our couples.

That being said, It’s important to choose the right outfits that not only showcase your personalities but also make you feel your best. Because if you feel your best, you’ll look your best. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with valuable tips on what to wear to ensure your engagement photos turn out feeling like you.

Reflect Your Personalities:

Your engagement photos should reflect your unique personalities and relationship. If you are casual people who love hiking together or a cozy morning making pancakes, you don’t need to get super fancy in ballgowns or suits. But if you love nothing morre than a chance to get dressed up and get fancy cocktails, then go all out. Consider your personal style and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Whether you’re more casual or prefer a more formal look, choose outfits that make you feel like yourselves. This will help you relax and enjoy the photoshoot, resulting in genuine and beautiful images–the kind of photos that feel like memories.

Coordinate Colors and Patterns:

When selecting outfits, coordinating colors and patterns is key. While you don’t have to match each other perfectly, aim for a harmonious color palette that complements both of you and the nature or environment you’ll be having your photos taken in. Avoid clashing patterns or overwhelming prints that may distract from the main focus, which is you as a couple unless you both LOVE Hawaiian shirts or crazy patterns, in which case we’d recommend hitting the desert or someplace with a neutral background so those patterns can do their thing.

Consider the Location:

Often times, couples pick a location that they’ve heard is supposed to be pretty but we always recommend choosing locations that are either special to you or that you have always wanted to go to. Locations don’t have to be super local. We love traveling for engagement shoots. And as far as what you’re wearing, think about coordinating your outfit to the location or go crazy and create a super fun dichotomy. Wear space helmets in the desert. Wear camp uniforms in a museum. Or stick to more traditional ideas and wear something fancy for a night out under the street lamps in Paris.

Dress for the Season:

The season in which you’re having your engagement photoshoot should guide your wardrobe decisions. In warmer months, choose lightweight fabrics and pastel or vibrant colors. Opt for long sleeves, sweaters, and cozy layers for a fall or winter shoot. Take advantage of the season’s natural beauty by incorporating it into your outfits. For example, wear floral prints in spring or earthy tones in autumn. The main reason for this is that your comfort will show through in photos. If you’re hot or cold or uncomfortable in any way, the camera will almost magnify that. If you’re feeling good, again, you’ll look good, too.

The things we love (and don’t so much):

We LOVE the things you love. Does that sound cheesy? Oh well, it’s true. Do you have a dog? Let’s invite them to part of the shoot! Do you have a thing for ascots? Throw one on! Do you wish you could do a whole shoot surfing? Sign us up! Do you wanna just book a rad motel room? Let’s do it! Do you want to make brunch? We love waffles! But we don’t love unnecessary props like signs. Or when people feel pressured to choose a location because it’s easy or they saw someone else do the same thing. We want you to feel the most you during the shoot and we always want your engagement photos to be a memory aid. Do you get ice cream the first day it snows every year? Then let’s go do that and document it. But don’t forget mittens and good socks!


Your engagement photoshoot is a celebration of so much more than the photos, and choosing the right outfits is crucial to capturing it authentically. By reflecting your personalities, coordinating colors and patterns, considering the location, dressing for the season, and paying attention to details, you’ll create photos that you still look at 10 years from now. And ultimately that’s what we want for you.

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