Film has long been a favorite of mine for personal work. I typically have a film camera (or two or three) with me anytime I’m on the road. I almost always have some backlog of digital photos to edit for work so shooting the fun, non-professional stuff on film means I can enjoy the photographing part of it without feeling like I’m creating more work for myself.

I also have a bad habit of shooting rolls of film and then sort of forgetting about them. So let’s change that!

Bronica Etrsi

Here’s a belated post, as this is actually a camera that I don’t own anymore. I sold it a couple years back after I picked up a Pentax 67 and although I did enjoy this camera, I couldn’t quite justify keeping two medium format cameras.

The Scene

I brought this camera to play around with on our trek to Banff to shoot a surprise proposal. If I remember correctly, I was just using an iPhone app t0 meter for all of the photos that day. These are all on Portra 400.

Initial Thoughts

The Bronica Etrsi (such a catchy name, right!) is often considered the best value in medium format cameras and I might have to agree with that. It sort of takes back seat to other 6×4.5 cameras from Pentax, Mamiya, and Fuji. And it’s resemblance to the Hasselblad 500 series, an incredibly popular line, probably leads alot of people to go with those over the Bronica. All of that said, it is still a very capable camera, and can be found for a pretty reasonable price.

To be honest, it was a pretty fun camera to shoot with. The waist level viewfinder is big and bright which made focusing pretty easy, and for the size of the negatives that it’s producing, it’s still a fairly compact package.

As for the photos, I really love a few of these. Most of the first roll have a bit of what I’m assuming was a light leak on the edges, but I don’t think they ruined any of them, and would be pretty simple to edit or crop out.

The Photos

Here are all 15 shots from that first roll of Portra.

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