Nicol + Joe

Nicol and Joe woke up early and got on the trail in Acadia National Park long before the sun was out. The couple of nine years set out on the hike up Cadillac Mountain in the dark with the goal of catching the sunrise at the summit. After enjoying the quiet at the top for awhile, Joe mustered up his courage and pulled a ring out of his backpack, dropped to a knee, and completely surprised Nicol!

Proposals are one of our absolute favorite things to photograph! Emotions are running high and their reactions are such fun to capture. This was the case with Joe and Nicol. The two were so much fun to photograph and have a really beautiful love that they share. Their joy that morning was truly contagious!

We headed from Cadillac Mountain down to the water to a couple of our favorite spots in the park. All this before noon, quite the way to start a day!

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