Hannah + Nate

One of the best parts of this job is getting to build friendships and watch relationships grow. Seeing two people grow together and support each other and tackle all the highs and lows that life throws at them is a really beautiful and humbling thing and helps to put our lives into perspective for us. Playing a small part in their stories and helping to document their stories and love and creating images that will remind them of those moments is an insanely cool privilege for us.

One such example is Hannah and Nate. We shot their engagement and wedding photos a few years back and they were amazing. So after meeting up with them for some anniversary photos and country fair food and games, we headed out to the water to catch sunset. They busted out the canoe and we sailed out on the lake. It was a quiet and calm summer night and after paddling they weren’t afraid to get a little wet and muddy in the name of love. Enjoy!

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