Zach’s been listening to these since they were originally put out in 2010. He happened upon a graphic designer named Ryan Hollingsworth creating seasonal playlists under the title “Good Medicine” on his blog, which he’s since moved over to Spotify. It’s a bummer the site isn’t still up because he used to wax poetic on why he chose certain songs for certain seasons. And while we love some of his playlists more than others, they’re all great if you’re not 100% sure what you want to listen to, but you want to either hear something new or get a nice cohesive album while you’re driving or working.

We’ve attached a couple of our favorites below so you can start somewhere starting with Vol. 40 which is pure summer to us.

Vol. 15 is a quality Fall playlist.

Vol. 22 is a perfect Winter playlist, full of cozy tunes.

Spring brings a lot of contested opinions. Zach’s favorite Spring playlist is Vol. 18 which I have left out because I’m writing this so you get my favorite instead, Vol. 21. It feels like the world is finally waking up.

Happy trails, friends!

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