Olympic National Park is one of the most beautiful and magical places in the world. The variety of scenery is astounding. You can go from epic mountaintops to lush rain forests to sprawling, rocky coastline all in a day’s work. This makes it one of my favorite places to photograph and such a great choice for anyone wanting a beautiful nature setting for their wedding or elopement.

Airbnbs make for a great getting ready and hanging out spot for nearby weddings. For some that have the space, they can even be perfect locations for the ceremony itself, opting to forgo a traditional venue. Regardless of what your day looks like, odds are good there’s one that fits your needs.

The List!

Port Angeles Area

For many people planning a trip to Olympic National Park, Port Angeles is the starting point. This cool little town is basically the gateway to all the amazing adventures that await you in the park. From here, you can cruise up to Hurricane Ridge and take in some jaw-dropping views of the mountains and valleys. There’s also Lake Crescent, which is basically a big, blue, crystal-clear slice of heaven. If hiking is your thing, Port Angeles has got you covered with plenty of trails that will take you deep into the park’s forests and meadows. Plus, there’s tons of wildlife to spot along the way.

1. The Perch A-Frame

2. Villa Vista Mountain Cabin

3. Happy Glampers Dome

4. The Flying Goat Tiny House

5. The CohoCabana

6. The Centennial

7. Bluff Cottage

8. Fir Cottage

9. Wanderland Lodge

10. Hurricane Ridge Retreat

Port Townsend

Port Townsend is a funky little town just a short drive away from the park’s main entrance, and it’s packed with all sorts of cool stuff to see and do. Fort Worden is an awesome old military fort that’s been turned into a state park with tons of hiking trails, beaches, and even an old artillery bunker you can explore. And speaking of beaches, Port Townsend has got some seriously sweet ones. We’re talking sandy shores, crashing waves, and killer sunsets. Plus, if you’re into wildlife, you might spot some bald eagles or seals hanging out in the water.

11. Secluded Beach Cabin Breathtaking Stunning Views

12. Oasis by the Sea

13. Ravensong Forest Retreat

14. Bayview Cottage


Located between Port Townsend and Port Angeles, Sequim is full of character and packed with all sorts of fun stuff to do. Sequim is known for its sunny, dry weather, which makes it the perfect spot to explore the park’s more arid regions, like Elwha River. It’s this epic waterway that cuts through the heart of the park, and you can hike along its banks for miles. Sequim also has tons of cool shops and restaurants, so you can fuel up before your big adventure.

15. The Tree House

16. Modern luxe beachfront with pool and hot tub

17. Cozy, Beachfront Cabin on Diamond Point

18. 1-Bedroom Home Plus Spacious Sleeping Loft

Beaver Area

Beaver is a tiny little town nestled in the foothills of the park, and it’s the perfect spot for getting away from it all. Beaver is super chill and laid-back, with a vibe that’s all about living that nature life. And speaking of nature, the park is right there – just a stone’s throw away. From Beaver, you can explore the park’s lush forests, crystal-clear lakes, and rugged coastline. Like, have you heard of Rialto Beach? It’s this incredible stretch of coastline with massive sea stacks and crashing waves – a photographer’s dream come true. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot some whales or seals in the water. So if you’re looking for a low-key, nature-filled adventure, head to Beaver and get ready to experience Olympic National Park in all its glory!

19. Peregrine Pines Cabin

20. Steelhead Hideaway

21. Cozy Lake Cabin

22. Tiny Cabin

Forks/La Push Area

You gotta check out La Push. This tiny little town is perched on the edge of the park’s coastline, and it’s basically a beach lover’s paradise. La Push has access to some seriously epic beaches, with miles of sandy shores, crashing waves, and towering sea stacks. It’s is also one of the best places to catch a killer sunset. The sky lights up in all sorts of crazy colors, and it’s basically the perfect way to end a wedding day.

23. Olson Cabin in Forks

24. Little Cabin on the Prairie

25. Cedar Creek Cabin

26. Cozy rainforest getaway

27. Mountain View Summit Tiny House


Honestly, there are so many reasons to look into renting a spot for your wedding day. Being in your own space and close to amazing nature really lets your cut out unimportant details and focus on the things that really matter. Celebrating a beautiful step in your relationship, with close friends and family, and in a gorgeous space!

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