Eileen + Corey

These two have a love that feels like well – it’s deep and solid. It’s a love you can count on. When they first booked us in 2019 we got excited to hear that they were embarking on camper life and then a pandemic hit while they were on the road and their love got an opportunity to grow and form roots not in anything but each other. So when they bought a cute house in Maine, adopted a dog, rescheduled their wedding, and we found out Eileen was pregnant, we were so excited. Not only did they embrace transition and find ways to go with the flow, they tackled challenges. And they did it all together. To watch them tie the knot surrounded by close family and friends on the Coast with their new family member to witness it all was a big deal to us.

We arrived at the Lookout Inn and ate whoopie pies while we toured the property with Corey and his best man who he met backpacking before heading to the cabin Eileen and all the ladies were getting ready in. It was a simple wedding, with Corey and Eileen first seeing each other as she walked down the aisle with flowers in her hair overlooking the islands off the coast. With a lovely cocktail hour, lots of speeches from loved ones, a hearty meal, and a killer dance. But what stood out besides Eileen’s dress change into an amazing sequined wrap dress and the cutest ceremony pups, was how well the people in their life knew these two both individually and as a couple. These are people that love hard and make everything an adventure. Corey and Eileen, we are so honored that we got to be the ones to capture this day and meet your people.

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