Elise & Chris

It is always a special treat when I get the privilege to photograph people and friends that I’ve known for awhile. Doubly so, when they are as warm and full of life and adventure as these two.

I can probably count on one hand the amount of couples that have gone into a photo session not feeling a little bit awkward and uncomfortable and uncertain about what to expect. And that’s completely understandable. I get the same way when a camera gets pointed at me.
But I far prefer that than working with models and professionals and people that know exactly which way to point their chin so the light hits it perfectly.

Getting to photograph real people and real relationships and all their little quirks and small glances and the soft touches between people that know each other intimately are what makes that end result more than just a simple snapshot.

My hope is always that the photos that come from these sessions are able to authentically capture two people and their relationship in this moment. They’re a celebration of their story and what they share together. And Chris and Elise made that easy. They radiate joy and were absolutely down to get wet and dirty and adventure.

So we treated ourselves to some fresh oysters at Taylor Shellfish and then ventured out to Deception Pass (man, Washington is like being a kid in a candy shop for a wedding photographer, so many beautiful places!) and explored the beach and climbed around on, and under, an incomprehensibly big bridge. They danced and laughed and reflected on everything that brought them together and how excited they are for their future. And that’s pretty damn special if you ask me.

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